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Fat Cavitation is body sculpting

Fat Cavitation is body sculpting without anesthetic, no marks, no soreness, no down-time and presents a safe substitute to liposuction. The outcome is instant loss of fat cells.

Cavitation is a 100% natural phenomenon founded on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound field generates the bubbles in the solution, which progressively grow, and implode at certain size. The energy in the form of heat


Microdermabrasion works with all skin types and colors

With dermabrasion, a dermatologist or doctor "sands" your skin with a very special instrument. The technique makes way for a fresh, sleeker layer of skin to restore the skin that's been treated.

Microdermabrasion uses miniature scrubing crystals that are sprayed on the skin. It works best on issues for instance dull skin, brown spots, and age spots.

Dermabrasion was created to greatly improve acne sc


The Skinny on IPL Hair Removal

IPL can totally cut down on hair growth, most efficiently in darker, more coarse hair. There are numerous names and units for pulsed light treatment methods for instance, E-Light, ELOS, and M-Light. IPL Laser hair removal is unique and uses coherent, monochromatic laser light. Recent advances in technology means you now have access to the best IPL laser machine on the market.

The use of lasers in


Fat Cavitation Therapy

For several consumers, no matter how much activity they perform or how effectively they check their diet plan, it's difficult to shed those remaining centimetres. Thank goodness for fat cavitation therapy.

Look for a beauty practitioner with the most up-to-date fat shattering technology to eradicate obstinate fatty builds up and tone problem areas. Our team of certified professionals use the Bodisl


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